Refund Policy for L’eola Hotel


L’eolo Hotel {“Hotel”) is committed to providing the best hospitality services and in doing so has implemented this Refund Policy (“Policy”) that dictates the terms of any refund or returns which may be offered by the Hotel.


The purpose of this Policy is to give our guests and prospective guests a feeling of security by ensuring that all payments for services made by guests and prospective guests are adequately utilized.


This Policy seeks to establish the minimum requirements for making a refund to our guests and prospective guests.


This Policy applies to all guests or prospective guests of the Hotel and employees of the Hotel, including full-time, part-time, contractual, permanent, temporary and outsourced employees.

Refund Process

  • Refund request shall only be made via our website channels, in person or by sending an email to . Any means other than the above mentioned will not be acknowledged and will be deemed void:
  • Refund request may be made through our website channels using the LiveChat field or our Contact us Page where our customer service representative will respond and advise quests on the refund process as soon as possible. Same shall apply to requests made through emails.
  • For refund requests made in person, the Hotel shall provide a refund voucher immediately to the guests.
  • All refund request shall be accompanied by our refund voucher which will be provided to our guests upon request;
  • All Refund vouchers issued must be duly completed and signed by the guest requesting for a refund;
  • Refunds up to N10,000 shall be authorized by the Front Office Manager:
  • All refunds above N10,000 and above shall be duly authorized by the Deputy General Manager or the General Manager;
  • Refunds shall be made through the some mode of payment of initial booking only.
  • In the event that a third party other than the guest who made payment is requesting for a refund, a letter of authority written and signed by the such guest must be presented in order to process refund;
  • Automatic re funds are done at check-out time for guests who do not utilize all funds deposited with the Hotel during their stay:
  • Refunds for overpayments shall follow the above mentioned procedures.


The General Manager and Deputy General Manager shall be responsible for the enforcement of the above policies. Repeated and/or serious violations of any term of this policy by on employee of the Hotel shall result in disciplinary actions in accordance with the Hotel Employee Handbook.

Cancellation of bookings/reservations

Any guest who chooses to cancel their bookings and reservations shall inform the Hotel in writing or via phone call at least 24-hours before check in time. Refunds according to clause 3 above shall only be made to quests who meet this requirement.


This Policy will be reviewed periodically and updated where necessary to reflect the overall objective and to brinp this policy in line with international best practices.