It was a bad break up. After 7 good years of investing time, resources and emotions, he now told me he wasn’t sure I was the one and he had to move on. I was devastated and fell into depression. Where will I start? I’m almost in my mid-thirties!

So that fateful Thursday, Biola my colleague at the Advertising agency I worked for in Ikeja, practically dragged me to come along with her to this nice, cool, place different from the regular spots, joints and noisy eateries and bars where I regularly hung out on Isaac John Street in Ikeja, GRA.

The atmosphere was most welcoming – cool, decent and soothing. Everyone was polite, respectful and decent in their interaction. And as I sat at the restaurant with Biola to enjoy first, a delicious cup of ice-cream before a sumptuous meal of fried rice and roasted chicken, I noticed he was looking at me from the corner of his eyes as he sipped his cup of cappuccino while scrolling through his laptop.

He looked so classy – he was indeed classy, calm, cool, collected, and when he eventually walked up to me and said hi, there was something about his voice, his diction and confidence that shattered all my defences.

Tunde, an investment consultant in a first rate bank in the UK was in Nigeria to visit his parents and attend a friend’s wedding. And in just one year, he’s popped the big question and I said yes. We are today engaged and getting married in two months.

He’s the type you find at Leola Hotels – focused, responsible, serious-minded and purposeful people who know what they want. Not noise-making, drifting, immature people.

I like the decent and respectable life, with decent and respectable people. The Leola kind of people.

L’eola Hotel, Sonibare Estate, Maryland, Ikeja.

L’eola Hotel will change your world.

Author: Muyiwa Afolabi


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